Update 27th of May 2021

So, after a couple of months, I am back on my blog and not in dutch , but in english. 
I have so many english speaking friends and using the translation app on this website didn’t work at all, so its english now and maybe in the future spanish as well.
In the meantime I have been very busy with discovering so many interesting things and exploring and working in my garden, that writing in all these different languages takes even more time. 

So where to begin? Before I share more about the seedlings I am helping to grow up,

the new chicken coop ( no chickens yet), the lovely marmelade I made from loquats, etc. I thought I start sharing some of the lovely plants growing in our garden. Not sure to call it a garden. Its more of a rural area, with lots of different species showing up. 

There is so much to discover on our land. All the different corners and places. sometimes very hidden. A big part of our land I only visit once a week and right now, because the loquat tree is full of fruits I visit that area more often. The leaves of the grape-vines are growing rapidly, the fruit of the peach tree are medium size, although the leaves of the tree looks like it has some kind of disease. I have never seen any fruit on this tree, because the previous years I was only here in August and sometimes May. 

The pomegranate is blossoming and new small pomegranates are starting to grow. The last year we had only 4 to 5 pomegranates, but this year I will take care and give it extra water when its needed.

What I find very extra ordinary is on the side of our land, very near next to our neighbour, which is a land with almondtrees, is a very big fig cactus. There are two , but this one you cant see from a distance, because it is hidden. I find it as ugly as I find it beautiful and I discovered yesterday there are flowers coming up. So I need to visit this place more often to see how that will look.  But I need to do that anyway, because the loquat tree is still full of fruit and I have already picked a lot. What to do with all that fruit?

On another area I saw a plant growing from very small to right now a big blossoming plant with lovely blue flowers. It planted itself just below the end of a waterpipe and it looks like there is still dripping out some water now and then. It could grow into a very big plant. 
BTW there are so many plants with blue flowers. and blue flowers have been my favorite for a very long time, so you can imagine how much I enjoy being here. 
The plant is called “Slangenkruid” in dutch and in english it’s viper’s bugloss or blueweed. Besides this big plant I think there around 100 of these blueweed and they are very beneficial. The leaves are edible and can be used like spinach. Which I haven’t done that myself, because I am discovering this right now myself. It is related to borage, which there are more than 500 I think on the land. It was once considered to be a preventative and remedy for viper bites and the leaves and flowers tems are used as an infusion and helps against fevers, headaches, chest conditions etc.

The last few months I have been spreading seeds everywhere. The seeds from a St Johnsworth I found last year on the land, the seeds of marigolds, everywhere , lavender, holly hocks and lots more. But the funny thing is the plant chooses its place if they want to be there or not. So nearly all of those seeds haven’t come out. I have found two St Johnsworth on a spot I wouldn’t have wanted them and I found some already in the neighborhood. So at least there are some.

Next time I will share more about all the borage plants, the holly hocks (?) growing on different spots in different ways and much more.

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