Flies and chickens

Since a few weeks we have a kind of plague of an overload of flies and so I have been transforming water-bottles into fly traps, by putting sugar-water with rotten fruit in it. Although we must have caught hundreds of flies. Of course we cant catch them all, but it’s a start. 
Rather filthy all those dead flies and the first load we had put in the garbage-can. Yesterday one of them was fallen and I have never saw our chickens being so excited. They loved it. So after they had eaten every one of them I was busy collecting dead flies from the other pots. It was like I was making a nice dinner. Flies marinated in sugarwater with rotten fruit. 

Since two and halve weeks we have 4 chickens and I love it. 7 eggs until now. One of them started after 9 days and now there is an egg every day. A white one, so that means its from one of the white chickens. Now and then we have lost them, but they always return. Their favorite spot is on a small terrace with lots of shadow from a few trees. A few places I would rather not having them there, because they leave a lot of chickenshit, but that doesnt work all the time. We cant be there all the time. 
In every nest we have put in a fake egg and probably thats why I found an egg in every nest. From which I have heard is usually not the case. 

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