Houseleek (Sempervivum tectorum)

This rather funny small plant pups up on different places in our garden and just outside. I have read somewhere  Gaudi got inspired by this plant while he was creating the “Familia Sagrada”. It could be, if you look at the shape of it . The name houseleek is used for a wide range of  succulunt plants and the funny thing is, that it has health benefits and it is eatable in salads and the juice can be squeezed into drinks. but be carefull not to overuse it. I have recently tasted a leaf and it tasted surprisingly fresh and nice. But better use the juice when there is a wound, or an insectbite. Mellie Uyldert ( a dutch herbalist from the 20th century) wrote that tea of the leaves helps against agina and mouth problems. 
For a very long time these plants are used on the top of a thatched roof. The plants can contain a lot of water and it helps against the ligthning at a thunderstorm. In dutch the plant is also called ‘Thunderleave’.

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