Castellon de la Plana

Most people have never heard of this small city. So the further people live, the less secure I am telling them where I live. So I start with a city north of Valencia.Its approximaly 65 km north of Valencia. 
I am not sure this city will ever feel like home, so I walk through it like a tourist and love to watch at the details. it can be very ugly and also quite pretty. Or pretty from ugliness. 
What I find very sad is, that so many shops are closed and so many shops never got installed. Happy to see lots of very small old houses are restaurated and looking quite nice. New buildings can be very ugly and there are a lot of ugly buildings. I love that there are still so many small shops, like the lady where we buy our oranges, so only sells oranges, lemons, sometimes avocados and some tomatoes. Here you find good quality butchers, lots of bakeries and other small shops. Although most people living I presume are Spanish origin, there are also a lot of Rumanian and African people. So a lot of products in the shops for them as well.
We live here on the first flour of an appartment building. Underneath there is a Hamburger restaurant, Fitzgerald and in normal times it can be quite busy late at night on the terrace. I love to hear the voices of people speaking and having a good time, while i am sitting upstairs. In a large studio, where we have plenty of room. Not very Spanish. But it used to be and still is a working place area, where people are allowed to live. So from the approx. 10 places, four of them are being used as a house. 
Our view is lots of trees, we don’t hear and see the traffic, which is behind the trees. We have around 4 supermarkets very nearby and we love to be here. 
Although not many tourists are coming here, Castellon has a lot to offer. There are beaches, were there is nothing off that gets in the direction of tourism, so no gadgets, shops, terraces. Only 1, where the local people are coming , just beach and the sea. and of course there is more. So have a look at their website.

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