El PalMar

Because we had to let our new electric bikes be repaired or better said adjusted and we had to go to Valencia for that, we combined it with a trip to PalMar. I always wanted to visit the rice fields near Valencia and this is the place to go to. A kind of hangout for tourists, visiting Valencia, so with lots of possibilities, in normal times, to go a boat trip, see the rice fields and eat a kind of paella or arroz at one of the many restaurants. 
I must say i didn’t see any souvenir shop, the only one that I crossed by was more of a garage, where a very old man was sitting repairing something and he sold rice and some kind of souvenir of a fishernet. We bought a package of rice and this nice old man gave me a dried rice leaves. He said it brings luck. 

So we did a boat trip, which was nice. So amazing to see so much water in Spain and it reminded me of some boat trips I made near Almere, with my friend Edith. It was quite, lots of interesting birds to see. A pity we couldn’t see through the water, because we saw a lot of rings in the water, where fish were coming near the surface. I could find out what kind of fish it is, but who cares. The warm wind, sitting in the shade and in a not so crowded boat; it was great and relaxing. 

We did some cycling on our new bikes through the rice fields and through the very small village and so great to see rice growing. So green and lush. The village itself is not much more then lots of restaurants and some houses. but nice to see the canals and the boats.

We had lunch at a restaurant with a table with a view on the rice fields. ALthough not many tourists around of course, it was nearly full, but there was a table free. 

We drank white wine from the region and tasted refreshing and smooth: Juan de Juanes.
Of course we had arroz or here they say Paella. 
Our friend Juan, who is born in the community Valencia has taught us that there is only one Paella and thats with certain ingredients. Anything else is called an arroz. But not here, maybe for the tourits? or it is not that strict after all? Not important of course. 

The food was ok, the view was great and the company was great too. 
So if you are ever visiting Valencia, take a bus, rent a bike, scooter or a car and visit this place, just to be outside. I would not go to this area, when there are loads of tourists expected, but thats not the case right now and also not in winter time, I guess. 

More information to start with here.

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