I start with a picture of what we have hanging besides our day of our house in Cabanes. It was there already hanging above the door and we kept it. Of course.

Although there is a lot I do not know about this expression, I am always very interested in any religious way of expressions. I love visiting churches and always noticing what is shown on my way when I am on the road or in a village.
I was brought up in a family that were anti religion, but since I was young I was fascinated by it. I can remember my first visit to a Church service, which was in the north of Spain.I was around 8 years old and my parents, brother and I were on a campsite near Bilbao and I made friends with some spanish children. At that age it wasn’t important if we could understand each other, we just played. On a sunday I was invited by the spanish family to go to church and I went. I remember some parts of it and I had no clue where they were talking about, even if I would have understand the language I wouldnt, but I loved being there. Of course now I know more what they are talking about, but still has no clue. I dont need a religion, I love all religions and they are for me, just different expression of the same message. The village I most frequently have visited the last year there are flags, posters hanging on a lot of houses. In May, when there is special celebration for a week (I will share more about that in a future post) it is nearly every house that has a poster outside their house hanging. I have to find more about that and I want to have one of my own. But first I show here the pictures I have until today. More coming.

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