Where to sleep in and around Cabanes

Lots of different places to stay in and around Cabanes and I will share most of them here.


Hotel Villa Natura

The best place to stay, I think, in Cabanes is Hotel Villa Natura. It’s in the centre of the village and I like the atmosphere. We have had lunch once in the restaurant and that was a pleasure.

Casa Rural Rosa

This place is even more in the centre of the old village. I haven’t seen it from the inside, but it’s located in an area with very narrow streets. It is possible to book one room here.

El Raco de Navarette

If you want just a place to sleep, this might be a good choice. It looks like the price-quality is very good and convenient. It is situated outside the village on the other side of the highway.

Pou de Beca

Its about 15 to 20 minutes drive by car away from Cabanes, but it’s worth the effort. The area is very tranquil, the restaurant serves great food and it looks like the rooms are also nice. We had the pleasure of having lunch at the restaurant and that’s always a great pleasure.

Whole houses for rent

Casa Ildum Plaza

I love the location: a little bit hidden in the corner just beside the old church, but I am not so sure about the ambiance inside the house, but I have never been inside, so it might turn out well. You rent the whole house.

Casa Vicent

Not so sure about the experience being inside the house, but location is nice: behind the big church. Also for rent for the whole house.

Casa Rural El forn de Sitjar

This house has recently been restaurated. The gothic oven from the 18th century is still there. When you are with a group of people, might be a good place to rent.

There are two campsites near the beach and of course more apartments to rent near the beach, but I am not a great fan of that area for staying overnight. We love to go the beach, but we prefer beaches with nothing else then beach. Or maybe one local restaurant, but nothing else.


For people with a large budget to spend, this might be a very nice place to stay. I havent been there yet, but it looks like a very good experience. Its about half an hour by car away from Cabanes.

BUT!! If you would like to be here in the surroundings, lets say, for a week and you are looking for a comfortable house, with a place to sit outside and just a fun place to be and with a good price? I haven’t found it yet, so if you, reading this, have some suggestions, let me know. In the meantime, I will keep on looking for it and let you know.

I have found some suggestions in the neighbourhoud, which look all very nice. But you have to find out for yourself.

At Airbnb.

Although I am myself, not a big fan of crowded places, with lots of tourists and just many people, I would suggest hiring a bungalow on one of the campsites. I havent tried them out in the near neighbourhoud, but I have been staying on a campsite in Benicassim. With my partner and children, when they were much younger, and it was in May, so not too busy, and it was great. Benicassim in summer is much more crowder.