There is a lot to say about this village. Lots of history, lots of activities and things. But right now I thought it would be nice to give an overview of what is there as far as I know. Just a list with nothing more important then the other and I prefer to show you some of the many pictures I have been taking in and around this village.

Our property is about 10 minutes walk from the centre, so quite near.

But first a list and if I forgot something and you have a tip, let me know.

  • two churches from the 16th century
  • several beaches: from the centre of the village to the sea is approx 25 min by car. this area is also part of Cabanes.
  • a swimming pool, open from half of June till the end of August and 1 euro entrance.
  • an old rooftile factory from the 16th century (private property)

  • and much more, more to come and please send me tips, if you miss some interesting information.

More information here at the tourist info

There is also some interesting things to share what was in the past:

  • For quite a long time there has been a nightclub in Cabanes: Caramel Club.