About me from the past

Before I start to say anything about what I am up to now, I want to share something about my past. 

I love to see new places, different people, new plants, trees, buildings, customs, food, atmospheres, smells,

I think, thats what I loved most about the work I have been doing for nearly 35 years: going to different places and experiencing. 

What I did? I have been a photographer and although for many years I had different studio’s,I also loved going to factories, companies, farms, institutes, hospitals, fire brigade (kazernes). Very near or in the Netherlands or outside.

 Looking back through a lot of pictures, there are so many different and interesting locations I went to. 

But what also happened a lot was that I had to create a photo studio on location. So with a car full with light, backgroundpaperrolls, etc. 

So here I am in some old studio pictures: