About me…

Here a story about a very lucky fortunate woman, who happens to live most of the year in Spain. 

Born in the Netherlands, Rotterdam in 1961 and spend all my life living there until 2,5 years ago. 

Our two children were grown up, studying and working and I can say that I really loved living in Rotterdam. 

But as they say “you only live once” we (my partner John and I) decided to spend more time in our two houses we already had for a few years in Spain.

The first period we spend more time in our house in the city, which is a comfortable and indoor place, but since we did a lot of renovation on the house on our property we now spend most of the time living in a very green and open space, with neighbours a bit further away and the village only a few minutes. 

And because there is so much to share about what I am finding out, experiencing, interested in and there is also a lot to share about me being a photographer, that I am sharing that here on my website. 

I started being a free lance photographer in 1986, sharing more about that somewhere here on the website and of course will share more photos and videos in the near future.