Signs Your Soul Is Calling You For This Shift

A life of self connection, following your heart and passion, not what you “have to do”, or “should do” is calling you more than anything else.

 You’re craving joy, freedom, ease, and expansion.  The thought of “working hard” to create results in your life is starting to feel unnatural.

 You’re bored, you can’t find your motivation anymore, even in things that used to motivate you, adventure and the unknown is calling you.

 Synchronicity or an “inner-knowing” has led you here and has kept you reading.

Just the thought of following your joy and purpose and coming into alignment with your heart creates a different sensation in your body… and you’re curious what would happen if you went all the way… even if it means letting go of the old.

 You feel like a lobster coming out of it’s shell… the thought of staying stuck where you are right now any longer feels unbearable and you’re open to new possibilities.

 You’re craving to be surrounded by amazing friends and activated people who want to live life to the fullest, deeply aligned with purpose and mission.

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