Our little house not on the prairie

So , how would I call our piece of land? It is a house and it is an area with trees and plants, but not a garden. I dont know, all I know is, that I think we are very fortunate to have found this place and lucky to be here. It is a little bit too big to pay attention to all areas but we can manage with help from people in the neighbourhoud. The area is around 5000 m2 and is situated about 10 min walk to the village, Cabanes. Next to our area , it’s all not used, wild land, but the next house is about 100 meters away. We are situated on a hill and have a wonderful view to green mountains: most natural. We are off grid: 

  • electricity from sunpannels, sufficient for two refrigerators, light, electrical equipment
  • water for the garden is collected rainwater in containers and a deposit,
  • water for the kitchen and shower is held in a big container and brought to us,
  • internet by telephone, ok , still an subscription, so not really off grid. 

So, what do we have more or less?

  • about 45 olive trees, 
  • around 125 grape vines, 
  • 7 different types of figtrees, 
  • some apple and peartrees, but not much production yet
  • about 7 orange trees, different types
  • a walnut tree, 
  • a strawberry tree, with not real strawberries
  • a loquat tree, 
  • some abricot trees, 
  • but also lots of rosemary, 
  • a herbal garden with f.e. white sage, mint, sage, absinth, bijvoet, oregano, hyssop, 
  • everywhere there is ‘Kardo’, a very healthy vegetable, but very bitter and it seems I still have to learn to enjoy it,
  • a vegetable garden in 4 fenced areas, with lots of basil, Indian Cress (right translation?), red cabbage (not doing so well), pumpkin, melons (3), strawberries (real, but not much result yet)

And we most enjoy all the different animals, for instance our four chickens, the cats we try to overhalen with food, the swallows, snakes, from very small to much larger.

Our house is still small and we are working on creating a indoor working area, but right now we have a small living place with a big terrace. 

The nearest beach is about 25 min by car through a very windy mountain road, the nearest town is Castellon, where we also a have a house and is about 30 min drive by car. 

There is more to share and to say, but for now I hope this gives a small overview.