There is a lot to say about this village. Lots of history, lots of activities and things.

But right now I thought it would be nice to give an overview of what is there as far as I know. Just a list with nothing more important then the other and I prefer to show you some of the many pictures I have been taking in and around this village. 

Our piece of land is about 10 minutes walk from the centre, so quite near. 
But first a list and if I forgot something and you have a tip, let me know. 

  • an airport (a few minutes from the village)
  • two churches from the 16th century
  • in the nineties (?): the biggest open air discotec of Europe?/Spain?
  • several beaches
  • a roman arch
  • via augusta very near by
  • a buddhistic centre
  • almondtrees, olive trees, figs,…
  • a motor cross area
  • preserved nature areas in the neighbourhoud,
  • a swimming pool,
  • an old rooftile factory from the 16th century
  • ruines, castles, towers,…..
  • and much more, more to come and please send me tips.

More information here at the tourist info