Moringa’s finest

Ok, this is not in Spain, it’s in the Netherlands. But I think this is such a gorgeous place and so much to show, I just have to post it here in my blog. People, who have followed me the last years, know how much a fan I am of the Moringa plant and of course lots of other plants as well. 

I have been visiting the plantation of Moringa’s finest, an online shop, which sells plants, branches with leaves, oils, seeds, etc. a few times when it was still located near Naaldwijk, which is half an hour drive from where I used to live in Rotterdam, and I bought my first Moringa plants and seeds there about five, six years ago. But now the whole plantation has moved twice and what you see here is the fruit of three, four months work and growth. 

Besides a big area full with Moringa trees, the other half of the big glasshouse is filled with other curious and interesting plants, some of them sold through the website and others, you just have to go and have a look for yourself. 

I have enough Moringa trees at home, so this time I bought some other interesting stuff: 

  • two holy basilplants, with flowers, so hopefully I can get some seeds out of these flowers, 
  • a tobacco plant, 
  • a clary sage, 
  • Jiaogulan, or also called the immortality herb 
  • a branch of a plant, so I can harvest the seeds, 
  • a very small melon 
  • and a bottle of Moringa oil. 

Although I have been growing Moringa plants for 5 years now, I never saw a flower in real life, but here at the plantation, there was one flowering, which is quite exceptional in the Netherlands, but here in the glasshouse the temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius and very moist. I don’t think I will ever see a flower growing in Spain, unless I build a glass house. 

So if you ever want any products from the Moringa plant and you live in the Netherlands or Belgium, buy online at Moringa’s finest or visit the plantation in Oosteind, which is in Brabant and only on notice. 

Last but not least I want to present two dear friends I went to visit Moringa’s finest : Fee and Aad. We have a big love for nature and life common.

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