Via Natura

In July we visited a restaurant we have been passing by many times for the last years and once we tried to book a table, but it was occupied. But because there is not much sign of any motion outside, it occurs very closed. 
But last week we called, there was a table available and we went for lunch. 
Restaurant ‘Via Natura” is located in the centre of Cabanes, just around the corner where Winson has his bar and every saturday there is a small market in the street. “Via Natura” is also a hotel and although never booked a room for family and other guests, but we might do that in the future. 
What a surprise to see the inside. So tranquile, nice furniture, very small and most of all: nice music in the background. I am always aware of what’s in the background and I can enjoy a lot of different kind of music and although it might not be what I really would like to hear, its ok. But here in this restaurant I felt it was our own play list at home. To give you a taste of that, I created a Spotify list, of what we (also) play at home. You could say, a lot of times and sometimes it can be something completely different. 
But back to the Restaurant. We nearly always choose the menu of that day and there was a lot to choose of. I cant really remember how the dishes were called, because I only decided today to write this blog, but the tuna was great, it was all very delicate and special. The wine we drank comes from the village and is a joy to drink. 
The carajillo, coffee made in a special way with liquer, 3 coffee beans, a piece of lemon and cinnemon. We drink this nearly every time we go out for lunch and this time it wasnt exactly what we think a carajilloshould be. That was the only thing we could argue about, most of all, it was a pleasant lunch in a pleasant place, with good service. So we might come back soon.

The pictures might look a bit gloomy, but the food was great and the sphere as well.