Bar Branto

What would a blog category about restaurants we have visited be without the bar we have visited the most in the last year. You could say twice a months. 

Bar Branto is from our house 10 minutes walking and 4 minutes by car. Most of all we have to go down a hill and right at where the village starts, there is Bar Branto. 

It opens at 7 at the morning and I dont know what time it closes. Of course has been different lately with all the regulations. In better times it can be very crowded and especially in the weekends in the morning around 10, when the Spanish eat their ‘almuerzo’ , you could call it their second breakfast or first.

On the bar you can choose lots of different food, but dont come here for, lets say , a more international breakfast, like bread, butter, jams, etc, because you will not find it here. Maybe a toasted piece of bread with butter and marmelade or jam, but thats not what the people here eat for breakfast.  Its more patatas bravas, boccarones, tomato, coffee, wine, liquer, etc.

We were there once at 7 o clock in the morning, before driving to the Netherlands and I was surprised by seeing some spanish old men, drinking a coffee. 

But most of the time we come here for lunch. Usually the menu is been read from a notebook and it takes a while to comprehend and know what they are talking about, but for a while they had a board outside with the whole menu, which was great for us. The menu costs 8,50 euros and for that you get, three courses, a mixed salad, drinks and a coffee. Only when we order a carajillo we pay 50 cents extra.

Saturday and Sundays the menu is 12,50.

Every week there are different things on the menu and for the main course they usually have something that has been on the grill. Its always a lot to eat and the taste is good. I am not so fund of the soups, but John likes them very much and only once in a while I think, i should have had something else to eat. 

We usually , not always, drink a tinto verano, which is cold red wine with gazioza.

So here a hommage to Bar Branto and thanks for the great service. I missed this year seeing the faces of the women serving us, but I admire their effort and hard work. 

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