The route to our house

Our house is situated near the village Cabanes, province Castellon. Because Cabanes has two parts about 25 minutes by car from each other, you have to be carefull not just put Cabanes in your navigation app, because it will probably bring you to the beach and thats not where you want to be if you are going to visit us.

If you are able to use the Apple map navigation app that would be the best option, because it will bring you exactly on our terrain. 

If you don’t have Apple map navigation, you can use googlemaps and it will bring you to our terrain, but on the wrong side and the entrance is from that part a bit difficult to find.

If you come from abroad and traveling by public transport, these are the possibilities:


Closest airport is ‘ Castellon de la Plana’ , with destinations like London, Charleroi, Weeze (just across the border The Netherlands/Germany and close to Nijmegen/Duisburg) Dublin and others.This airport is a 10 minutes drive from our house, so you could say that’s close.¬†

One hour from Cabanes is the airport ‘Valencia’

From Valencia airport you can take the train to Castellon de la Plana