My Spotify 2022 list

Every year at the beginning of December its always fun to see what Spotify thinks what my favorite music was of last year. 

Although it doesn’t always match with what I think, but when I look at my top 10 songs of this year , I could say those are my favorite of last year. Although I would have thought and I still think number 3 and 4 should have been my 2 and 1. 

The songs are not all produced last year, maybe not even one. I know there is one from the year 2000, but these are the songs I have played many times and I love dearly. 

3 of these songs are spoken word and I dont think I ever had a song with most of it spoken on my list of favorites. 

Of all of these songs is the text very interesting to listen to and some of these songs have been my mantras and by listening to them you might understand why. 

I have been listening to these songs in the car, at home, somewhere in the background or with my earphones in very loud, in all sort of manners, but only recently I have been looking at some youtube versions and that was a whole new discovery. The best way to watch all those videos and you do appreciate the music is to put on some headphones, screen full on your computer or your tv and just enjoy the images, listen carefully to what is being said and most of all enjoy the music. I hope you do.

If you are going to watch, what you are going to watch and experience could be explained as intense, sometimes very quiet and sometimes extremely loud.

Number 5 The Smile – The Same

The Smile is a English band, with two Radiohead members and a drummer. 

‘People in the streets

Please, we all want the same

Please, we are all the same

Please, we all want the same


Number 4 The Magic Room

This song has been my mantra for the last 5 months. The video I am showing here is with the text full on and its 3,5 minutes. A short version, because all of the other versions are around 8 minutes. There are many other version, from which one is the most well known and I think the sharpest one. If you cant stand the music: there is a version with only spoken word.

Number 3 Skateboarding by Xinobi

A song that grew on me and for a while I couldnt stop listening to this song. The climax comes at nearly the end of the song.

Spotify thought this musician was my favorite artist of last year, but I have tried other songs, but I was not yet interested, but this song is special. I think…

[Spoken word: Ian MacKaye]
Skateboarding is not a hobby, and it’s not a sport. Skateboarding is a way of learning how to redefine the world around you. It’s a way of getting out of the house, connecting with other people, and looking at the world through different sets of eyes. When you’re a skateboarder, especially in the 1970s when everyone thought it was a hobby and they all thought it was like a strange version of a yo-yo or a hula hoop, it was very under the radar. For most people, when they saw a swimming pool, thеy thought, “Let’s take a swim.” But I thought, “Let’s ridе it.” Let’s see what the transition is like at the bottom. When they saw a street, they would think about driving on it. I would think about the texture. I slowly developed an ability, I think, to look at the world through totally different means. I had a whole other idea of what was happening. Weather played a very different role in my life at that time. If it rained, like today would be a miserable day for me

So I became a skateboarder

Number 2 Take a look around – Limp Bizkit

This is the song from the year 2000 and only the last year I came to like it a lot and especially the part where it is going very loud, I like a lot. I share this song with loving and appreciating the people the singer is talking about and I think he does too. The lines you can find here.

Number 1 Ordel by Parra for Cuva feat. Beau diako & Kyson

Just a beautiful song and the video I found on youtube is a delight to watch. Its filled with shots from movies, I few I recognize, I few I don’t, but it makes me want to watch those movies again. A video to watch over and over:

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  • Hi Lieke,
    Geweldige plek .. lijkt in the middle of 🙂 meer fotos vinden we als beeldmakers erg leuk 🙂
    Lieve groet vooral ook van La Lily!
    Meer levens- nieuws binnenkort …

    • Hoi Loes, Het is zeker een geweldige plek en ik hou je graag op de hoogte met meer foto’s. Lieve groet ook aan Lily en ben heel benieuwd naar meer levensnieuws. liefs, lieke