Small chapels

I have seen them on different spots near and in the village and I was wondering for a while why they were on certain places and who have put them there and now I know.

These chapel is right besides Bar Carmen and it looks like the chapel was there first.

The chapels are all on the route from the Ermita de les Santes to the Ermita del Calvario and this is the route that is been taken to pick up the statue of the patrona of Cabanes ‘Mare de Déu del Buen Suceso’ at the Ermita de les Santes and to bring her to the Ermita del Calvario. 

That route/process is taken every year on the first Saturday of May. 
Every chapel belongs to a few families and every year one family takes care of the chapel before the process takes place. 

How old are they? I don’t know yet, I have to find out. 

and thank you Maica, for the interesting information.

Near the Ermita del Santes

Via Camino, Cabanes

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